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5 benefits of online recurring billing system for business

A business that uses an online recurring billing system will experience many benefits. Recurring, or subscription billing is where customers are automatically charged at specific times for ongoing products or services. Examples of businesses that rely on this model to provide internet-based services include Netflix, Sage, Showmax, Virgin Active and Uber. Subscription product services in…

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Set up Xero debit order for streamlined payments

The subscription economy is growing fast. Both business and customers are attracted by the flexibility and convenience that subscriptions and retainers offer.  Billdozer’s Xero debit order recurring payment service automates the collection of Xero invoices, online billing sign up, write back of debit order payments and arrears management. The rise of the subscription model There…

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The rise of the subscription economy

eCommerce has grown exponentially in a matter of years, and consumers are now even more comfortable with buying and making payments online. It has also brought a wide range of products and services into our homes and workplaces that are accessible at the click of a button. One of the more interesting developments of this…